FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
Jul. 17, 2017
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the annual installment of the FIFA series for Android devices, which, as usual, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the "Ultimate Team" mode of play from your mobile phone or tablet - and it's totally free. With the FIFA Ultimate Team 15, you can configure from the beginning, the equipment of your dreams. At first, you get several card games, where players, contracts, trainers, training systems and all the usual "Ultimate Team" tricks are found. To buy more card games, you need to earn money you win by winning matches and FIFA 15 tournaments, but you can also use real money. Anyway, as soon as packages are some of the best players in the world: Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Suarez ... for a total of more than 10,000 real players over 5000 different teams. The 15 Ultimate Team FIFA gaming system is very similar to the previous installment. It can be chosen with virtual buttons and a control system adapted to the touch screen, according to the different urgent areas of the screen between the conventional control system. Both work perfectly. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a great sports game (also leaves the graphics to wish a little more to the left) although a less perfect simulator offers a solid gaming experience.
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