See: How do you play with 15 FIFA ISL teams
Jul. 10, 2017
What's up? FIFA YouTubera fans in India will find the name of the intelligent worker Raghav, has solved the problems of many Indian fans who want to play with their favorite teams in the Indian Super League on the FIFA platform. The game YouTubera found a patch that includes all the ISL teams in the PC version of FIFA 15 and complied with FIFA fan fantasies that can not wait until FIFA 18 for the ISL team as part of it is the published list . If you did not know ... ISL and I-League are the largest soccer competitions in India. With both sets to combine next year, Indian football seems to finally get the much-sought-after football league all the time. In addition, other news for Indian football fans came in the form of an announcement by EA, which states that the Indian Super League must be part of the upcoming installment of the FIFA, FIFA 18 series The crux of the matter Then the patch for FIFA ISL 15 is available for download: Step 1: The user must log in to the site "" sign and start the "Create master of 15" program on the previous website. Step 2: The next step is to download the India Super League 15 patch on the same site. Step 3: The previously created Master creation was installed and the directory of the 15 FIFA game files you want to add. Step 4: The final step is to finally install the ISL patch in the creation of master file 15. Whats Next? While FIFA 15 allows the installation of a patch of this type, it can not be said that FIFA 16 or 17. EA, however, has had ISL equipment in its next edition of the game, FIFA 18, to be published in September . , Authors FIFA games is a much simpler case with the advent of patches and modifications to games that allow players characteristics that would otherwise not be in the game. The ISL patch is a solution that solves a problem for many the FIFA player in India and it is regrettable that Advanced Security Encryption 17 FIFA does not allow such changes.
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