ArcheAge: Unchained / Gold / NA Jerganta
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Game Description

Form the world and experience unlimited freedom! Collectors, artisans and merchants drive ArcheAge: an unrestricted engine. The economy is under your control. Master a variety of craft and marketing skills. Build your own house, boat and castle!

Extended MMORPG with a high concentration of PVP. Ideal for guilds and group games! Make a great siege, go to the heart of the other castle and declare that you belong to your own castle. Gather your friends and demonstrate your strength with hundreds of other players on the battlefield of the open world!

Each style has a unique world of sandbox! Navigate the vast unknown ocean. The fame and fortune of Amass. Conquer the skies and protect trade routes to control the flow of enemy resources. Use many vehicles and customized means to travel around the country!