April 15th, EVE Online Surgical Strike began to release
Apr. 13, 2020

"Surgical Strike" will be available on April 15 on EVE Online. Here is the detailed information.
The power consumption of all modules is reduced by 20%, which increases the armor resistance shield, which is probably the most important feature of this update. The goal is to reduce the effectiveness of hit points. However, as there are more resistance grooves on the ship, this change is amplified.

"This method is exciting because it not only reduces capital viability, it also reduces overall logistics capacity and makes modules focused on speed and damage a more attractive option."

In addition, there are pending capital changes, especially the removal of the auxiliary battleships of the super battleship, the bonus of the XL card and the expansion of the super battleship expander to 200% (reduction of titanium to 300%) and Asi right away.

This feature update includes:

All Tech I battleships, including faction helmets, increased base performance by 10% and scanning resolution by 30%
Muninn's damage bonus and optimal range have been reduced to 5% per level
Hawk top speed reduced to 190 and grid to 950