Silkroad-R / Gold / Palmyra
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Game Description

Silkroad-R is an updated version of the original Silkroad Online MMORPG with faster leveling, class balance, and more. Silkroad-R takes place during the 7th century on the renowned Silk Road trading route that connected the East to the West. Play as either Chinese or Europeans and become a hunter, thief, or merchant in this unique MMORPG.

Travel the ancient Silk Road once again, in search of adventure, fame, and fortune in Silkroad-R, an updated version of the immensely popular Silkroad Online. Silkroad-R has the same features and content as the original game, including the unique PvP system that old players have come to love and new players will undoubtedly enjoy.

Unlike other MMORPGs, players of both Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R choose their weapon preference instead of their classes. In addition, players are also given the choice to fill the role of hunters or thieves, each with unique quests and goals in the game.


Class Variety – extensive choice of weapons, which determines a player's class.

Unique Game Concept – participate in the historic journey of the Silkroad by choosing protect merchants or steal from them.

Free Promotions – class promotions are not limited to your starting weapon-choice, and acquiring skills of particular skill trees are not limited by class.

Exciting Action-Oriented Fighting – master chain attacks and quick reflexes to conquer enemies.