PUBG Google Play Rechearge 25 USD
Rechearge 25 USD for you Googole Account and Login to game Buy the items for you want .
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-4% PUBG Google Play Rechearge 25 USD
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Product Description

[Recharge method]

• Recharge method on the webpage
1. To access, you need to log in to your Google account first.
2. Enter the card password and click Redeem.

Recharge method using Android phone/tablet:
1. Open the Google Play Store software on your phone or tablet.
2. Select Redeem in the menu
3. Enter the card secret, click on Redeem
New account setting US regional method

 NOTE:    It is not the country in which the VPN is hanged, which country card can be exchanged. How do I check if I have  activated the gift card? Set up the country? Look at the payment method in your Google Store. If the balance US is displayed,  it will prove that the account is set up and you can redeem the gift card. If it is not displayed, the payment method is  added immediately, then copy this code: 12345123451234512345 Click on the redemption in Google Mall, then a box will pop up,  ask you to fill in the information, fill in the 95501 phone number and fill in +XXxxxxxxx your number. Click OK, after  redeeming 12345123451234512345, look at your payment method, you will see the balance US, you can prove that you can redeem
    Please deceive the deceiver, there will be a liar, we will report the card secret to Google, Google will make a penalty  for the user who recharges the card to permanently stop their account, I believe our patience and determination, thank you  for your cooperation! !
◆ This product is a virtual product. Once the card is issued, it will not be returned.