Guild Wars 2 Reveals Transformer, Animation Legendary Armor
Oct. 25, 2016
MMO live and die in their final content. And many of them are the reward players receive for the challenge of the most difficult encounters. Guild Wars 2 gold has these rewards to a new level, however. In a blog post on ArenaNet producer Paul Raid She put the players a glimpse of the legendary Rüstzeugset came to Guild Wars 2. He described the team as the ultimate reward for the most demanding raid content with the Heart of Thorns" How could we make a spectacular armor?

We played with a lot of different ideas, textures, different effects and different skins, but basically I always knew what I really wanted to do. We wanted an armor that would change his appearance when his combat armor animated between! "The text of Article players could expect to have a legendary career armor blocked culture, but an entertainment package that changes when draw his weapon is probably beyond what I expected it to everyone.

As ArenaNet has slowed work on future legendary weapons, it is obvious to think of new ways to inspire your audience with new effects. The effects on a legendary weapon, which is mixed with the effects of particles in a set of armor would probably make the character of a disco ball, but the armor animation with beautiful particle effects on the weapon could cause an impressive dynamic character.

It is clear that ArenaNet plans on their forays into an important part of the gameplay in, as it is very likely to be very important for legendary protective equipment. The team of Guild Wars 2 release date for new content, except for one "still working, and this publication is in a couple of months off." The game, the original "ready if parallel" philosophy.