Preview: classes, content and expansions
Sep. 8, 2017
By 2016, in Korea, the Master has been marked, the arrival of the Gunslingers was expected for some time by fans of Blade and Soul. With the Gunslinger at Gamescom 2017, we had some ways, where NCSoft introduced its new update, opening the bullet bullet scheduled for the rest of this year After a rather mixed reception for the hybrid class Blade and Soul Souls, NCSoft intends to wake us up with the Gunslinger's ascent. Instead of creating a character that focuses on existing class systems, the Gunslinger brings a hard touch to the battle. While ForceMaster can already match the invoice for scope support, they are nothing like it. Mainly with two pistols and for the Yun and Jin races, the Gunslingers offer a variety of catchy moves that are capable of delivering devastating damage performance, with a good degree of customization that allows players flexibility in style. Specializations allow Gunslingers to gain some flexibility by aligning trained skills with flames or shadows. Each of these specializations directly affects the way this class plays. Flame constructions allow players to stack explosive rounds during the battle, not conceptually too different with Chi's construction, and free them in a devastating attack on enemies. Shadow capabilities accumulate dark light until the Lightspeed state is reached, allowing players to upgrade their existing abilities. Not content to bring a pistol to a sword battle, the Gunslinger also carries a hook for good measure. The hook adds additional utility to fight for players to stun enemies, reduce gaps and generally increase mobility in an arena. It is certainly surprising, fast, in addition to the existing character list, which strongly emphasizes its excellent mobility, to avoid being crushed by enemies. Rise of the Gunslingers is not the only update for Blade and Soul this month. During our time with the Gunslinger, NCSoft discussed the latest content update for Blade and Soul, Ebondrake's Citadel and the Tower of Memory. The Tower of Remembrance is a multilevel dungeon that opens at level 16 and brings many longer warriors to a new challenge. There should be plenty of content and rewards for those interested in a Gunslinger, or simply new to the game. Another added bonus that should help players in the game again is the redesigned craft system. NCSoft confirmed that after the comments, the complexity of systems such as skills and craftsmanship was a major barrier for new players and returning players. As a result, the gear is subject to further adjustment as part of the Gunslinger upgrade. Although I have not had the opportunity to take a look, anything that reduces the entry barrier will surely result in more warriors in the rankings of four million players. If you read this and have already conquered the Tower of Memories, make sure others are available soon. NCSoft proved that they were working to make an update soon. Fallen Aransu School will bring new raid content, which players must pay for the year's final update. NCSoft intends to launch a new full expansion this winter with a high-level roof, missions, raids, dungeons and new story content. Although I am not the most regular visitor to Blade and Soul, there is nothing like a remarkable new class and the prospect of future expansion to interest me again. The Gunslinger gets up on September 13, 2017.
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