Blizzard's preview of World of Warcraft's shadowy world will lead to professional changes
Apr. 9, 2020

In an article on the World of Warcraft website, Blizzard informed us of upcoming career changes in the expanded country of shadows.

In fact, there is a lot of information in the team detailing the philosophical changes and what they call the "starting point for dialogue with the community." While this list may seem long (although Blizzard mentioned it's not mandatory), each class has detailed reps, but Blizzard's purpose is to help World of Warcraft players understand Land of Shadows later this year. . Expectations at launch.

This relies heavily on player feedback. Blizzard notes that players complain that each class differs from the factors that make each class unique.

In Shadowlands, we want to go back to the concept of specialization, which is to activate certain parts of the lesson kit instead of restricting the toolkit. We hope that by expanding the options, we hope to offer players more options to make meaningful decisions, personalize the game, and express their views on how the characters participate in combat. We will again provide many job specific spells and abilities to help define class identity across the class, and reintroduce some iconic features so that all Azerothian heroes have the ability to fight danger.

Some of these changes include the surrender of Shadow Priest, which the World of Warcraft team calls an "evil twist." Regardless of class size, paladins will be happy to know that the Holy Ghost will return, and Out and Stalkers can use deaf, crippled, and deaf toxins for their weapons.

If you want to relive "World of Warcraft" with Shadowlands, it is definitely worth reading to find out the end result of the course on the day of the course. Personally, I would like to go back to my monk and try these changes, especially if I see the Touch of Death work as originally planned.