Blizzard shared World of Warcraft alliance levels, signature skills, and Shadowland updates
Apr. 7, 2020

Blizzard today announced the latest information on the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The Land of Shadows, and the profession and signature capabilities of the federal government.
The Shadowlands update provides detailed information about the test. The first alpha invites invited Blizzard World of Warcraft players, friends and family, as well as content creators and journalists. If you are interested in beta testing, register here.

The alpha version will include a full "upgrade experience" in the fortress and dungeon area (awakening necro). The new gaming experience also takes you to the alliance version of the new area. Something else will happen in late April.

"We want to provide the Revendreth and Torghast area, the cursed tower of our endless dungeon experience. When we are ready to provide feedback, we will continue to unlock endgame areas, dungeons and questlines etc ... and use template characters as per be necessary ". Centralize tests and feedback In a certain part of the game, after having published all the content in the test environment, we will officially enter the test phase, we will eliminate all the characters and launch a larger invitation, a completion test at the end of the entire Shadowlands -Experience experience. "

Alliances planned in the Shadowlands version include Kyrians, Necrolords, Night Fae, and Venthyr. Each federal government offers two jurisdictions based on the federal government theme. The first skill is a signature skill that can be used by anyone, regardless of their profession, race, or profession. The second skill is class specific.