EVE Online 2020 second quadrant Eclipse, published by CCP
Apr. 3, 2020

CCP today announced Eclipse, the second quadrant of EVE Online in 2020.
Berger Finnbogason, Creative Director of EVE Online, said in a press release: "After successfully completing Quadrant 1 Quadrant in combat or flight, we will use Eclipse to further extend the boundaries of Quadrant 2. Updates and many surprises will be added to each corner of the new one. Play Eden! "

Eclipse will include new live events, celebrations, login events, visual updates, major changes, new and mysterious ships and weapons, as well as the third and final chapter of the Invasion expansion.
Also, "Hunting" will return on April 6. This is a limited time event in which you are responsible for searching and scanning multiple capsules. This gives you access to special places that should contain rewards and important material. Any player who has been destroyed during ventilation has an opportunity to drop the hard earned implant into the prey.

Finally, the third part of the "Triglavian Invasion" plot is configured to influence the players who are the result of this interstellar conflict. Stay tuned for more information.