Black Desert Mobile is supported by the Dark Knight Course, the Tower of Trial and the Portuguese
Mar. 25, 2020

Dark Knight lessons can now be played in Operation Black Desert with new Tower of Trial support and Portuguese support.
Dark Knight has two-handed war knives and a set of black magic that you can use to conquer the battlefield. As you level up the Dark Knight, you will receive special rewards like old gold coins, advanced crystal boxes, black stone pouches, and mysterious Shakatu keys that you can use to strengthen your team, upgrade the camps, and develop the dark spirit of the characters.

The Tower of Trial is also new. This gives you a unique opportunity to improve and enhance your character. As stated in the press release, you can send any character above level 45 to the test tower while playing a different character.

An automated task system has also been added that allows you to automatically update auxiliary characters following previously completed tasks (previously performed by the main character of the adventurer).

Finally, the support came from Portugal.