Blade and Soul Elements and Systems Preview Before Forgotten Soul Update
Mar. 23, 2020

Blade & Soul previewed the project and system in a recent post. This is exclusive news.
These additions and modifications will be released with the "Forgotten Souls" update on March 25. A full list of changes to the release notes will be released on March 24. Meanwhile, new PvE belts and necklaces will be unveiled by mail.

Such a PvE belt includes, for example, a Storm Speaker belt, a Stonescale belt, 250 Gold, a Soul Stone Crystal (x400), a Sacred Crystal (x400), a Moonlight Crystal (x100), an Elysian Crystal (x100), and Se requires an advanced cast stone (x2). .

The new PvE ring obtained using the Ayanka ring is also discussed. You must give it away in the Storm speaker ring. Other additional changes include a significant reduction in the environmental cost of the empire collar and belt.

The PvP bonus effect has also been updated.