Jester's Festival will launch on March 26 at Elder Scrolls Online
Mar. 23, 2020

The Jester Festival  will air on Elder Scrolls Online on Thursday, March 26.
You must find the clown's pavilion to participate. You are out of Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall. Talk to the Alliance leader to start the mission. Yes, you will receive an incorrect souvenir reward.

"If you activate this ridiculous cake, you will get a 100% XP benefit for two hours! Keep in mind that if you have already done it, you will not have to do this task again, just collect the memory of your favorites, that is yes. "

Receive a reward box for each vacation mission completed. These may include consumables, recipes, furniture, and carnivals. After completing the task for the first time each day, you will receive an amazing gift box that can include:

Cadwell Kitchen Weapons Style Page
Fragments of two memories: a pop joke for the Noise Maker Festival or the Clown Festival
Jokey Stealies sold to suppliers
Runebox with bright memories of cherry branches or clowns.
New clips of Sovereign Sow Pets!
We guarantee that you will fall into the first large gift box you open every day!
Here's the pig princess you saved on the "Nobles VIP" quest at the Joker Festival
You can also win tickets to events that allow you to buy items from Impresario.