The latest Neverwinter patch offers user interface changes, combat customizations, etc.
Feb. 24, 2020

The team first confirmed a known problem. If you have deposit records for 50 or more items, the customer can hang up. This problem will be resolved in the next version. Here are the notes of the current version:

Content and environment.


Barlgura Heroic Encounter now produces fewer but more powerful creatures.
Avernus made several changes in environmental art and visual effects to improve performance. Most should not be too convincing, but the protected areas around the fortress of Vallenhas, for example, are gradually disappearing.

Battle and power

Class and balance

Warlock: if the sorcerer has an infernal performance, he can correctly generate a soul spark.
subject performance

Berserk Power: After the battle is over, this item will no longer put the player in combat.
Project and economy


Other missing coupons have been arranged so that they can disappear elegantly without leaving permanent holes in the inventory.

user interface

the classification

The health status of PvP now correctly shows values ​​other than 0.

Trade Bar merchants no longer incorrectly open Zen Market in the "Consumables" category when players select the "Buy enchantment key" dialog option.
Animation, audio, character art and effects.

Art character

Some coats and capes that were previously invisible to female characters (but that were visible to male characters) are now visible to everyone.
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