Guild Wars 2 end of part 7
Feb. 16, 2020

It's time to repeat my essay on the history of Guild Wars 2. Last time, I just finished the first expansion story of Heart of Thorns. Mordremoth was conquered, but at the cost of killing Traahearne to prevent the ancients from taking over. We also saw something in the scenes at the end of the HoT story that looked like a magical explosion that jumped from Mordremoth and spread in several directions. One of these instructions is to lay eggs in the auric pool.

But before continuing and knowing what to do next, we must take a moment to remember Eir. When he died in the jungle, he didn't have time to cry over his death. We have to find out how to defeat Modemos, then kill everyone, then remove the army from our bodies. Before the advent of GW2, the book of destiny connected Eir with the ancient dragons and defeated them. It is also a very important part of personal stories, especially for Norn players. So it is good to have time to reflect and consider everything that has led us to this point. In this chapter, players can even look back on "Edge of Destiny." I hope this review completes the entire scene in a drawing style, but it's still a great way to remind everyone and let people know that they haven't read the book.

One thing I've always wondered is that Brabham is not in the monument. Apparently, I was chasing a kite in Shiverpeaks, which makes sense. And when Eir fell, he stayed behind and was responsible for the label, so maybe he felt the memorial was over, and I can see many people around him talking to him. That she was great beyond her abilities. On the other hand, his absence was strange.

After finding Eir, I have an open question: what happened to Garm? He was still with her anyway, so it seemed cold to see her without him. Fortunately, when Rox arrived, we discovered that she had found him and taken her home. According to her, Gam had lost Earl after being hit by an aircraft, and he followed her scent through the jungle to find her. It may sound trivial, but it feels good. I also like to feed and clean it. It was as if he helped him and Eir do it.

During the commemoration, we also saw that the commander planned to found a new guild called Dragon Watch. One thing that was not clear during the repetition was Dragon's Watch, the name of a community survey. Unlike the elections in which Ellen Kiel or Evon Gnashblade was elected, there was no aspect of the game in this vote. This is done through surveys on the website. It may not seem like much, but it is interesting to feel that I have influenced certain things in the game, not to mention the debate about the best option.

Shortly after, Taimi asked us to meet her at Rat Novus, although Rox refused because he wanted to help Garm recover from misery and find Braham. When we got there (Rytlock got lost on the road, but finally arrived), it became clear that Rat Novus had changed since Mordremoth's defeat (there is no clear indication of the elapsed time). Now he is working with Asura to find all the secrets.

Dacheng somehow managed to keep secret the existence of the "dragon lab" of all other Ashura. At this point, I began to worry a little about rice and how far your search for knowledge could lead you. After all, she stuck a small bubble in a dried pod and went through the magic of the dragon. This is the biggest risk. However, he also said that he was checking that the eggs were drying and that it wasn't bad, but when Mordremoth died, a lot of dragon magic was concentrated, but he didn't know what it was.

At this point, Almorra and Canach appeared, and as far as Canach is concerned, he scared Asura for "the terrifying and crazy Silvani." Of course, he was not as crazy as usual and invited us to hunt caudecus with him. Almorra not only called Rytlock, but also made an alliance for the commander (pact). However, he stressed that this time the security of the commander must be strictly guaranteed, which is only a written task. Fortunately, we refuse to assume the honor of the position, but we retain the title of commander. That doesn't stop Da Mi from calling us "Da Poohbah" for a while. It's one of those boring but cute things about it.