Black Desert Mobile growing nightmare: Omar lava cave
Feb. 12, 2020

Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave is the latest feature that allows you to upgrade to Black Desert Mobile for free.

Nightmare: There are two modes for Omar lava caves: adventurers can fight against other adventurers or powerful monsters in the combat zone in PvP mode. Only 100 adventurers can participate in the battle, and can get special rewards by defeating monsters like top-level teams and Blackstone.

In addition, Black Desert Mobile introduces new resonance reinforcements for +3 and +4 accessories. Players with delighted accessories receive additional benefits. When adventurers have a certain level or level of charm, resonance increases combat effectiveness. Adventurers can now be more powerful with the +3 and +4 expansion accessories.

The game rating system will be updated in this update. Until now, the file system was based on a server. Now, a hierarchy of all servers will be merged and adventurers will see where they are among all Black Desert Mobile players in different regions of North America, Europe and Asia.