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About Black Desert online

Black Desert Online is a global sandbox MMORPG. Experience fast and action-packed battles, hunt monsters and giant bosses, fight with friends in guilds to besiege knots and conquer castles, train your life skills, such as fishing, commerce and crafts. , kitchen, etc.

Main Features:

Powerful character creation tool: create the character you want to play.

Fight focused Fight focused: you can combine your skills with exciting combos and participate in fast and action-packed combats.

War: free mass guild wars! Join the guild and participate in daily knot wars or weekly conquest wars with many other rival guilds. Win a knot or a castle and claim it for a week because you think the guild is collecting taxes.

Ocean adventures: shipbuilding, deep-sea fishing, hunting sea monsters and bosses, exploration, gathering, mission execution, commerce and more.

Tame and tame: catch and tame horses and wild elephants to accompany you on your adventure. You can also raise, trade and sell captured horses.

For more information about Black Desert Online, visit the official website now.