Updates, scaling of armor and more were discussed in the Warframe Dev Stream
Jan. 23, 2020

A lot of Warframe team developers have described some changes and improvements in the game.

Perhaps the most interesting thing for players is that Kova Ridges will experience a new iteration. These changes are based on player comments. The most significant changes include:

Eliminate the forced failure system
Reduce RNG search success. Both allow you to ban the lich and get a "bait" with unwanted Kuwait weapons that guarantee you a specific weapon.
Agriculture requires a small extra benefit.
A new warframe called Odalisk will be available soon. It will focus on technology and have multiple skills. Your first skill will be to throw three grenades. You can also drop a big firecracker in front of her, which looks good. Your passive skills have 100% more power for all four skills.

The armor scale is also explained using the following preliminary armor values:

100 level bombers: reduced from 7,300 to 5,800
Lvl 150 Lancer: started at 3200, reduced to 1400