Black Desert Mobile: Siege War and Achoura's Den is now online
Jan. 22, 2020

In addition to the Asura hiding place, Operation Black Desert also participates in the siege war.

Siege warfare is essentially a form of combat for large guilds. You and your guild can fight with other guilds to control the two regions of Palenos and Serendia. As Balenos and Serendia do not have a seat of power, these areas are operated as a war of secondary nodes, where command posts can be established anywhere in the area. Remember that the guild must have at least a level 5 and have more than 10 members to participate in the auction process.

Asula's Den has also been added, which the press release calls an action function for wheeled platforms. In manual control mode, you can participate in battles in a dynamic side view. The minimum requirement to participate in Asair's Lair is that the Black Soul level is at least level 30. The reward includes a gold box of valuables provided he can defeat his boss.

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