Path of Exile Promote talent competition.
Jan. 14, 2020

The road to exile has announced a talent career. Here you can find out how to register and what prices you can expect.

"Talent" has a wide range, and the team describes it as fan art, video, music, fans, role-playing games, baking, crafts, gifs, screenshots, comics, etc., whenever it's' acts of exile. The input method is as follows.

Post the entry in the official feed for the entry. The research team recommends that no content submitted be read, heard or viewed for more than five minutes. You can send more time, but the chances of being selected are less. The winner will be selected according to the following criteria:

Your talent execution skills
What is the authenticity of the theme of the road to exile?
How attractive or entertaining is the presentation
The most important requirements are:

The contest runs from the moment of publication until 2:00 p.m., New Zealand Standard Time (February 9, Pacific Standard Time). Content submitted after this time will not be considered. Winners will be announced in the coming days.
All submitted works must be yours and must be created after the start of the competition.
Multiple responses are welcome.
If you want to create a cut or mashup of another artist's work or video, you must comply with all legal guidelines for fair treatment.
These are the prizes that the first three winners will receive, but you can certainly be sure to read the full article linked above to see all the prizes:

Way to sign the book of exile.
Exile Signature Trail
The road to the autograph session in exile
Bloody tissue card
Solaris and Lunaris Shirts
Bubble Premier Balloon
Your armor set (each armor set in the store)
The weapon effect you choose (any weapon effect in the store)
The helmet effect you choose (any helmet effect in the store)