New Grand Theft Auto V Update Adds Adversary Mode and Item Discounts
Jan. 26, 2018

Now a new update for Grand Theft Auto V is available, which includes a multiplayer mode for opponents, a new vehicle and many savings for game objects.


The new Air Quota Adversary mode, available with the latest update, puts players at the center of air combat with multiple teams of players controlling the plane while destroying their opponents. There is also the possibility of winning double GTA Money if you can reach the top in aerial battles, according to the Rockstar release notes.


"You captured outright assassinations in a P-996 Lazer and called" King of the Skies ", but what about your skills in an attack helicopter? Can you dodge a propeller? Up to four teams and 16 players can prove their greatness in a gigantic plane crash and make your way through the air battles that the skies of Los Santos have to offer in pieces with rockets and cannons. "


In addition to this mode, a new vehicle is available with the update, the Grotti GT500. This elegant Legendary Motorsport player, represented by the hands of the former, is the perfect choice for GTA V players who want to drive elegantly through Los Santos.


As for other updates, this last batch of content includes several discounts on the items involved.Some vehicles in the air and on the ground have reduced their prices and you can equip your own properties with different cosmetics that are also available at a lowest price.