CABAL ONLINE:Classic server "Play ades" Opened at 23th.January
Jan. 26, 2018

ESTsoft Japan Co.Ltd, the developed portal site·Net Game Management Service informs you about "Classic Open Server" opened in the MMORPG game of "Caball Online".


On January 23, a new "play ades" server of the elegant MMORPG "CABAL ONLINE" will open. ESTgames recently published a special "CABAL ONLINE" page on January 5 to inform you about the opening of a classic server.


To reproduce the original "CABAL ONLINE" feeling on the "Play Ades" server, unlike the existing server, it limits the learning of the main content of battle mode 3, and the highest level is 99 levels and the speed is reached Player growth Advanced content such as dungeons and teams are added one at a time when combined.


"CABAL ONLINE" We can reproduce the early dynamic game and classic romance, you can feel the individuality and interest of each class at this moment focusing on the inherent capacity and the combined center during "CABAL ONLINE" these days.


Several opening reminders will occur simultaneously with the opening of the "Play ades" server.


We are preparing a variety of events, such as a special level 99 event and a community event where players can share their Twitter activity on "Play Ades" servers, web events that you can enjoy with friends.