Ragnarok RE: START - Special version for gamers to relive childhood
Jan. 26, 2018

Ragnarok Online has launched a completely new and completely separate version of the original version running Ragnarok RE: START.


In this Ragnarok RE: START, gamers will be back to the simplest of games when they are first released, and it is interesting to note that things will continue to be updated every month. So there will always be new content dragging so long because this online game has been rolling out for decades now, there are so many changes. Thus, the player can completely relive childhood very excitedly.


Launched in 2002, Ragnarok Online can be considered one of Korea's first MMORPGs to get more echoes and attract more gamers to participate in the world. This is an interesting game, cute chibi graphics platform and attractive plot based on the comic of the same name by Myung-Jin Lee.


With Ragnarok Re: Start, gamers will experience a "primitive", original "Ragnarok" of 15 years ago, with a primitive feature system but extremely attractive and attractive, contributing Not surprisingly, it made a great success in over a decade of this title.


Of course, this version will also release the Update on a regular basis, as a way to "rewind" the development of Ragnarok. But with a 15-year-old game, updates to the next version seem to require a long enough time for the player to find his childhood experiences and still not feeling boring.


By the age of 15 up to the game is closed in some places are unavoidable, but recently recently Ragnarok Online is back 'very strong' and attracted Crowded gamers join playing around the world!