EVE Online / ISK / Tranquility
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Game Description

Eve of Star Wars" ("EVE Online") is a PC-side online game developed by the Icelandic CCP company. The national service is currently operated by NetEase game agent. The current version is "Eve of Star Wars: The Rise of Clone". The game is based on a grand space, highly integrated with hard sci-fi elements, showing the player an extremely free virtual world of sandboxes. [1] 

Players drive a variety of spaceships in the tens of thousands of stars and unknown wormhole space. A variety of activities can be performed in the sandbox universe of the game, including mining, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, financial trading, archaeological exploration, and PVP/PVE combat. [2] The types of activities a player can engage in are incremented as the relevant skills are learned. Even if the player is not online, the learning of the skills in the game is always in progress.

"EVE Online" has won many world game awards including GDC. It has won the title of "Best Game in the World" in the most famous game website "MMORPG" in Europe and America. [3] Its subtle production quality also makes it It is included in famous exhibition halls such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York. [4] For the sandbox concept, EVE brings all players together in a single server and only sets World Service (quiet) and Chinese clothing (Dawn). In addition, in order to achieve the integration of air and space, the "DUST 514" and "EVE: Valkyrie" games will be developed in the near future with EVE Online to achieve the battlefield of the Trinity.