Cabal 2 / Alz / Pegasus
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Game Description

Cabal 2 is a 3D fantasy MMORPG and the sequel to the original Cabal Online. With fast-paced gameplay and a similar combo system, Cabal 2 offers the same action-oriented gameplay that made the original Cabal Online so popular. With classic classes such as the Priest, Wizard, Warrior, as well as new takes like the Force Shielder and Force Blader and Force Archer, the combat of Cabal 2 takes center stage. Fight in massive PVP battlefields, across large gorgeous open zones, and in intense group dungeons that tell the story of the world.

Choose from six unique classes, with original ones like the Force Blader and Force Archer, along with a new Priest class. Master the use of your skills and chain them together to unleash devastating combos. Embark on quests through stunning environments developed using the CryEngine 3 platform, while battling monsters, exploring dungeons, and looking for clues to the mysterious disappearance of children all across the continent.

Cabal 2 Key Features:

- 6 Playable classes – play as a Warrior, Wizard, Force Blader, Force Shielder, Force Archer, or a Priest.

- Combo System – chain attacks together to rack up combos that not only look cool, but also increase your damage.

- Flashy Finishing Moves – successfully pull off a finishing move to finish off bosses in style.

- Battle Mode – summon Astral Weapons to temporarily grant your character powerful skills to take on that particularly difficult monster.

- Abyss Quests – complete daily Abyss quests to gain additional experience and grow stronger faster.

- CryEngine 3 – the game runs on the CryEngine 3 to give players top-notch graphics and outstanding visual effects.