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Black Desert Online(SA) / Monedas / PC
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Game Description

Mmoarpg is a MMORPG online game, which is based on the actions and battles in video games to add large-scale siege, real estate use, transaction and employment and other simulation elements. In the game, players can experience realistic large-scale combat with a broad stage as the background. Two forces fight for the product of ancient civilization "Blackstone", and even the name of the game is named "black desert" which is rich in Blackstone. In order to confirm the legend of "black stone" , the sinister and ferocious priests of the Republic of carpean came to the tower of will, slaughtered the innocent savage race wantonly, and offered "black stone" as a sacrifice. The "black stone" fragments engraved with ancient patterns are integrated to form a "black stone ball". But there is a lack of the last fragment, the "archaic stone". Through the invention of a scientist's device, the priests made the incomplete "black stone ball" burst. The "black stone ball" resonated with The "ancient st One "hidden in the ancient horse ferry, and attacked the ancient horse ferry. The burning "black stone ball" devoured people cruelly. The theme revolves around the entanglement caused by the ancient civilization product "Blackstone". The players incarnate as independent fighters, And use the power of Blackstone to fight against the corrupt republics of Karl Payne and the kingdom of Valencia.