Cabal 2 play like other game endless list

This lack of uniqueness is a recurring theme because at its heart, Cabal 2 looks, feels, and play like other game endless list. All little thing it's different and just get buried you know and expect, such as quests and need continuous mill under the Cabal 2 Alz. To play this was one of the most boring thing I have been doing in recent memory, give me a return to absolute thoughtfully thinking of other mmogs I have dismissed as dull, in the past. "Maybe I should give the blade of color in a chance," I thought, I once again made from "Wolf area completely" run "character area all asked me more than one at a time to kill the Wolf." When you spent the whole weekend to jog back and forth between the same three points on the map, it is easy to feel boring and drying into a good mental distractions.

Cabal 2 don't respect the player's time. You sent back and forth, over and over again, the same area, the same people to kill the same goal between slightly different purposes. Sometimes these objective is clear, sometimes you revenge and kill animals herbalism, because you need they like time travel, did you want to level? This metaphor is a more common, but many free of large network game from it has been trying to leave a period of time. Cabal 2, on the other hand, gather together to go in, and leaning on it is very difficult.

Progress to grind to a screeching halt level 20 later, it needs a few days to reach a new level.A large part of the reason for this is a problem is Cabal 2 does not provide enough stories side quests, so leave take simple boring side quests, in order to pay for the balance. Even if you don't mind to experience the same dungeon over and over again, you are limited to a certain number, each side quests playthroughs every day. Many tasks are disabled, once you reach a certain level, also means that as time goes on, your selection becomes more limited. Reach the gone in the final stages of 2, need patience as its unreasonable amount of the design, expand your game time, at the same time provides almost no new returns.

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