Guild Wars 2 illusion of snake-shaped broken layer

First introduce broken layers of illusion. Broken layer while the output of high and low Guild Wars 2 Gold points, but all the output job is to play any position, so the equipment is all essence of detonation. Illusion is a biased auxiliary career, output is not high, and phalanx fighters almost (illusion output ability of the new expansion very terrorist). Someone said that the illusion of the output is far worse than any other profession, in fact illusion the outbreak of the output is high, the speed can be in the team, is a basic wave after the outbreak of Guild Wars 2 Gold literally have to play a few times, so the output of the illusion is not low, the super slow, really horrible illusion of continuous output.

Since the illusion is an auxiliary, destined to is eating his teammates, if a qualified illusion are ineffective, it mostly because his teammates too pit, auxiliary ability strong again, also cannot let rookie team mate than god. Illusion to tube distortion, reflection, many groups of stealth, open the door, pull, symptoms, contempt, replication, gain, spacetime distortions. Group distortion is better than divine shield guardian, such as jumping aesthetic two-headed giant hit attack is more damage, or a lot of small Guild Wars 2 Gold monster attack at the same time, a divine shield does not block, distortion of 1 second, you could just group distortion is a feature, his teammates get distortion are 1 s, points out.

Illusion is the strongest reflection ability, has a 360 - degree reflection, shaped with four Guild Wars 2 Gold is a short and short of reflection wall, shaped 5 is not so easy to control direction, but the reflection time is not short, or spherical reflection (is actually a ranger axe. 5), should pay attention to is shaped with four cannot reflect a high attack, such as flint bird, if you want to reflect firebird rocket, if from far away, to reflect on his wall in front, the distance of firebird arrows can be reflected back, before the firebird reflection not to drop, if melee hit, just keep the reflection MOBS.

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