According to RuneScape 3

According to information, the RuneScape 3 is Jagex Ltd developed a real web page JAVA online game, this game is in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese version.

It with ancient medieval times as the theme, in addition to the Melee with Ranged, and magic and prayer, and constitution.Players in Runescape 3 is mainly rely on melee, magic and ranged combat skills series is given priority to, the other as assistant. Besides fighting in Runescape 3, there are other skills, are mainly used for manufacturing, and processing objects, such as have smithing (mainly used for manufacturing metal products), crafting (manufacturing clothes, made of clay, jewelry, etc., in paying members more about this aspect), mining (mining, and smithing has a close relationship), cooking( cooking, used to make food, the higher the grade, the kind of food can make, the more the style). In Runescape 3, when the injury is using food to "recover" life points (lost combat strength) of (life points for being the physical level times 10). Fishing is one of the main source of food, because of if you want to cook fish to eat, There are close relationship with cooking. Woodcutting and the fire making is the supporting skills. In paying members version RuneScape 3 GP woodcutting is important, because there are many special trees, it is useless in the free membership.

Only paying RuneScape 3 Gold members have skills: Agility can make the players through the places originally cannot pass. Herblore is to create some potions to temporarily increase the player's fighting capacity. Herblore related and farming, that allowing players to grow and harvest their vegetables, herbs and so on. Technology of Fletching is making bows and arrows. Although in the free version, players can also use the bow and arrow, but in paying members version, bows and arrows have more styles. And summoning, can conjure up a monster in another world, each have each special skills. Slayer is used to kill some special creeps, obtained valuable items or items.Since construction, players can create their own home, but this ability is thought to be one of the game's most expensive. Hunter as the name suggests, is used to capture the beast, or by summoning skill can become their pets, some will give you props, etc. The last is a thieving. In addition to steal things, can also be used to remove trap and open some locked the door.

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