Neverwinter Skills: Peninsula District

Success is not an easy thing,so you must conquer yourself and come over any difficults in the way to success. Do you know how to make success in the game Neverwinter? Now let me introduce you the skills in Peninsula District of the game and astral diamonds which might help you in the game.

When coming to the Peninsula District, officer Kipp at the gate would tell about the prison riot. Heading southeast there will be numbers of riot prisoners in the way, especially nearby the gage. Entering Military Headquarters on the southeast where Commander Sedos Sebile is very busy working, he asks you to enter the prison for the exact situation of what happened there.

There are two methods to step into prison. One method is to get information about a secret pathway on the northwest of mansion from two servants(Both moral and experience value can be added after escorting them to the gate of Center District ) of Peeress Tanglebrook in the scene of Ali PAGE. However if you choose the method ,you might find Tanglebrook has been dead on the The Grand Chessboard that full of traps on the secret pathway. The other method is to go to the sewer on the southwest and have the key of prison by hitting the thug header with Acid Archery.Then step into the prison from Front Gate.

Go through the cell area from east to north(You will be in the southern area if coming in from the secret pathway of mansion), then down to the confinement district. A survivor guard Emernilc pulls you into a room nearby, telling you about warden Gaoler who was mild before and suddenly became eerie and cruel. Go east along the corridor and kill enemies before entering the dim subterranean layer.In the subterranean layer there is narrow and winding aisle and small rooms with with traps on the ground.

Switch the scene to the southern area and go north to the center zone, then go west to the northeast corner and meet Gaoler and his bodyguard Fenkit in the hall on the northwest corner. Gaoler withdraws and Fenkit stays for intercept. As his attack range is definitely far , players of magician roles try to be away from him. After Fenkit being defeated, he will reveal that Gaoler has been controlled by a monster liking a dog. It seems to be Devourer, one of the missing magic creatures.

Being in Gaoler's hiding place, do not rush to fight with him but try to talk with delirious guards nearby and try to knock some sense into them. Although not all the guards can be clear-headed, it might make less puppet for Devourer to control. Because guards could be attached by injured Devourer and always come to life with full energy to fight after being killed. Take Devourer's brain after vanqish him and all his attaching guards. Leave the prison and report the details to Sedos Sebile. Return to Justice Lobby in the city center and give Devourer's brain to Aribeth.

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