Final Fantasy 14 Skills: Level 38 Dungeon Quicksand Qiao Ming Dong Maze

It is to some extent difficult for 4 teammates come to the Level 38 Dungeon the first time. In this part, gun warlock and Dragon Knight's armor are the only tools for you. But four full-time professional jewelries will constantly be given as long as all the enemies are cleaned up. You can also choose to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil .

On the first two floors, the entrance to the next quicksand appears after the enemies being killed. Be careful not to be hurt by the blue flames that breath constantly on the lowest floor.

BOSS Battle 1:

Every a period of time, a number of ants soldiers and ants guard will be refreshed to appear.

When HP of the BOSS is about 40%, it will refresh an ant marshal, which gives the BOSS s connection to apply a continuous BUFF recovery to HP. With lower DPS and protracted war, a growing number of small enemies will lead the game over. So let one plyer deal with the ant marshal, separating it far from the BOSS, disappearing the BOSS's connection with BUFF. Or deal with the ant marshal immediately the moment it just appears, not having enough time to attack others. Thus, the connection with BUFF is still diappear.

There are two ways to deal with the small enemies:

1. Small enemies that frequently appearing are more likely to catch up with Healer, so Healer shall take the initiative to get close to MT and clean upthe small enemies steo by step.

2. Let Healer cope with small enemies by running around in circles. Remember to add blood to MT or take potion or open sprint if time is not enough. Recommend the latter.

BOSS Battle 1:

BOSS would submarine every once in a while. And there are attack models after submarine:

1. randomly targeting one player, submarine to dartle, then attack off the ground;

2. randomly jet dust around, and then attack off the ground;

3. launch sand to get all game players to the center of the field, and then attack off the ground from the center of the field.

In short, after every submarine, the BOSS will fill the blood and run around dispersed, keeping moving.

In addition, BOSS will randomly assign to a DOT for 30 seconds, 150 per second. Try to get rid of it if it is white magic.

Final BOSS Battle:

This might be the first time for players encountering with chimera. In the later Crusade, and digging treasure maps, players will repeatedly encounter chimera. All the basic attack modes are the same.

First of all, remember escape when close range attack.

When it promptes that sheep launches ice roar, it means near circular range attack from the BOSS. Be away from the chimera, or DOT would be hit with high damage and cold injury.

When When it promptes that dragon launches thunder roar, it means a centre hollow circular attack from the BOSS. Be close to the chimera(Or you can also run a certain miles far away to hide in the corner). Or you would be hit with high damage and paralysis injury.

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