Vladimir Rising - Union Tank Destroyer

LMS appeared on a vladimir question: Midnight Sun Esports, although a new team, but the opposite seems to have sucked all the energy over. They used vladimir as MID and TOP, continued to erode the opponent's points so that they climb all the way. Vladimir in other arenas also found their place to go, especially Origen of MID xPeke.
If you have a new Champione wants to buy LOL account is absolutely a good choice to buy vladimir. MSE coach represented that vladimir has a miraculous in the current version of the tank, the tank can be a good restraint. vladimir greatest contribution to the team is to Hemoplague R, a direct damage skills to strengthen the rest of the team, it is possible over an extended five seconds seconds off the enemy. "Now vladimir mainly used counter TOP Maokai like Championes," MSE coach said. Maokai's big move is the opposite of vladimir reduce the harm suffered by the range of his teammates - the two were eliminated, would immediately weaken the advantages of those who rely on the big move Maokai open group of the team.
Vladimir also a counter for the players. In the E of Fizz opponents control skills into the invisible time, vladimir of W have the same effect. He does not need mana, you can also use Q self-treatment, make it difficult for him to be pressed on line - especially when xPeke use vladimir against Giants team when he synthesized Hexx revolver, enhanced Q spell vampire ability.
MSE coach said he prefers to own MID vladimir agianst Lulu. "Although Lulu is online overlord, but she could not deal with vladimir," he said. "Vladimir can safe to farm." The vantage point of these two champions are very different, Lulu's functional limitations hurt her ceiling, and vladimir do not have these restrictions. When he went to about 9, when vladimir started stronger than Lulu.

Although he will not be functional Master extrusion line, but that does not mean vladimir is a worry-free choice. Also Master LeBlanc from Noxian very good inhuman abuse vladimir - W might dodge the first E, but then he was nowhere to escape the mark. LeBlanc high outbreak injury so that he could not survive. "When Cassiopeia and LeBlanc can choose the time, the election vladimir is not a good idea." MSE coach explained. "You can come out in our first game against Machi seen." In that game, MSE selected TOP vladimir confrontation across BoBo's TOP Maokai. Road is Lulu against LeBlanc. "Even LeBlanc MID our leading economic 6k, team battles LeBlanc still can be completely spike vladimir."
Vladimir TOP is not a safe choice, face Maokai is the ideal situation. Any other Champion, he began to instability. MSE coach expressed caution and assist the playing field is an important tool to help vladimir stay late. "Vladimir online weak, especially across Leah and Eric Champion this time. Any Champion line may abuse him. You need excavator or who it such a strong field of play to assist, but the squat vladimir online is not a good idea, because you can not get the head or assists. but if you do not help him, vladimir will be suspended or beaten. playing field needs to figure out their own walk of opportunity. "

The key seems to be in place and make sure whether it is single or single vladimir, are able to face a relatively line. In other words, as far as possible avoid change lines in the face of those who use her play it is easy to see through the ranks. "His disadvantage in line with the change, when we confront Machi, I know they are a new team, with two South Korean foreign aid, so the exchange is certainly not so good. We guess they probably will not change the line, so we chose vladimir. "
Sounds typical vladimir weaknesses and fear garlic, icons and like the sun - but our fear is vladimir changeovers, pre-pressure and he could not escape those assassins attack by W's. In addition, also rely on the experience of his teammates. MSE said they would vladimir as a holding means. "If we can come up with him, we will take," he said. "Opposite Ban had all of our single, which alone are off when the Ban, vladimir is very high. All the strength in orders, including Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, even Varus, LMS now often appear in both games."
But he said that to the extent possible to avoid the Varus. "When Varus just came to release time, vladimir basically defenseless. Tower no way to make soldiers." While not a real vladimir, but a stone in the middle of heart or make him hurt, and Varus's E then let his self-treatment efficiency.
Vladimir will continue to pop in a tank version? Tell us in the comments what you think!

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