Guild Wars 2 Live World Out Flames Update Now

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game lasting player, Guild Wars 2, you can now jump to the latest version of its series "Living World" Increasing appropriate flames. Season 3, Episode 2 was launched this morning and brought many years of players that are familiar in the tradition of Tyria to a place, which occurs all too aware. The latest update of Guild Wars 2 takes players the Ring of Fire Island, where the threat of another dragon Elder examined, this call Primordus.

Legacy Minister Caudecus described in the previous episode stint as leader of the infamous "White Mantle". However Mursaat named Lazarus threw the plans of the organization into chaos and Caudecus accused of being a heretic. Meanwhile, Pastor Primordus supra dragon, agitated and gives players an all too familiar reminder of the chaos that can weave a dragon elderly worldwide.

In a playback application preview of the new contents of Bill Murphy speculated that Llamas The increase could be a "turning point" for Guild Wars 2. Increasing the flames can be a turning point for Guild Wars 2 Post thorns heart of Tyria. It's not forget that the expansion was split, although it was initially well received by the players because of the way the content and replayability completed. The first episode of season 3 lifeworld welcome your new (but small card) and shells of the pump with the story began. Episode 2, Flames Rising, a little further, turning a content structure that has fallen in the original game - and it's fun.

Ember in the bay, part of the Ring of Fire Island, players can enjoy the benefits of the missions of the heart, and many will rejoice to find that they are completely recurring daily quests. During my meeting with PAX East ArenaNet team he seemed eager to show the new zone, and it is quite the observer. The Ring of Fire Island certainly deserve their name and remember explosive energy maximum extent. And the team hopes to Guild Wars 1, especially with Mursaat and obeys the Skritt presence.

Released today in conjunction with updating the flames Rising is the new arena PVP, the Colosseum eternal. In the new map, world championships two weekends will appear in Guild Wars, teams must balance their typical goals of conquest and secondary, giving a more strategic map and tactical depth. For example, the Roman map of "artifacts of the gods", representing the acquisition. These artifacts give benefits and losses that can stem the tide of battle. Detection of the sword of the harvest is to defeat all players automatically slaughtered on the opposing team that wanted him, and a damage bonus of 20% of its equipment.

On the contrary, the sign of life of the player who holds the ability to revitalize a degraded new teammates. This adds to the premium 5,000 100 Health and tenacity of the plate gives the team. the launch of Guild Wars 2 gold rising and continuous chronology Eternal Colosseum ArenaNet has tried to adapt and to release new content for the world I live every two or three months. Players can start examining new content today, and hopefully ArenaNet, the infusion of the last content is a step in the right direction for employees of players back, what could have gone after heart the release of the thorns could have passed out.


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