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It has been almost two years since Archeage published in the West. The first time he made his debut in the strong reception, with the applause of the fans deserve MMO offer something that looked new and exciting. Since late 2014, when it went through several changes, including the recent introduction of a 2.9 Ascension. Archeage Foundation fat addition to these improvements, it became something very special, which was named one of the most innovative games of its kind in recent years.

This week I decided to see what Archeage how to play after hearing about for months. I never knew I. In a very positive surprise is what I've learned. Archeage World Erenor is called, and is a huge area with three continents. Unlike 99% of this vast area MMO is built in a sandbox. This is not a theme park, which are scheduled throughout the trip announced entertainment.

You and other players have an interest in the world, and can even be done. It is preferable that the player can own property in the gaming world. Players of all levels are able to build houses of different shapes and sizes in residential areas. Housing is more work to be just a place of refuge. They can be decorated with a wide range of products, including paintings, furniture and storage.

In addition, players can use outdoor fields as agricultural land to grow over time resources, which play a role in its progression. This includes animals such as ducks and moose, each of which can be supported at home, according to the climate of the region. How big of a selling point as it is, to build a house is not the only feature sand box, players involved. Another important element is trade.

Erenor fractions and guilds to spread economic power struggle. This is accomplished in many different ways, it is not important trade routes. These consist of caravan routes carrying goods to win the player and Gilda gold stars in the process. The roads are often region crossed lines and sometimes are used by players travel long distances to their reward.

As such, trade is an essential part of Archeage. valuable assets moving constantly in the zones. If you spend the time to engage in trade, which soon will be in similar views from players. But not everyone has good intentions. The two pirates NPC and PvP players are the same always looking for opportunities. You may want to bring a friend or two with you for the trip.

Speaking of travel, there are several ways to get around Erenor. You can run, jump on one of the animals over 100 mounts the game, coaches, monorail or even a vehicle. There are also boats that can be controlled at sea, and gliders can fly through the sky. Given the great mass of the world, such an important transportation and often entertaining part of the game that will help you focus on your range.

Archeage is a dream for MMO players who like to play multiple classes and testing of buildings. The mode of operation of its class system, is at level 10, you can win three skill sets equipped. There are a total of 10 options, ranging archetype of the range, and has full freedom in regard to the selection and choice of skill level you want to equip some point.

Functionally, this allows you skill sets available in one of the 120 kinds of mix and match result. Although I throw together a random mix is ​​an option that is a degree of foresight is a good idea because some skills in each combo. In my case, I like to play DPS hybrid because it allows me to do public service environments and healing group. Just throw vitalism, composition, and/or Auramancy in one of my three slots can gain access to skills powerful support that make me desirable groups.

When I'm alone to play and just want to kill as quickly as possible, the team concentrated under three offensive skills. Each of the 10 classes to unlock a long list of active and passive skills, so the possibilities go far beyond simply choose three skills. For this reason, it is very rare that the two characters are exactly the same. This increases the complexity of the housing portion PvP game.

Most MMO are no longer content creation option at the bottom center of the game. In Archeage is a cornerstone of the game. There are a number of elements that can be built by players hand. staples role as Alchemy, tailoring and fishing are here, but they are things like work, a profession that provides an opportunity for musical instruments, fishing tools and other crafts.

There are some very interesting jobs, such as trade and construction, supply of elements of sandbox Archeage. For many players, the development of a development experience. In Archeage it is rewarded a taste for rich content largely to convincingly is the craftsmanship. You do not have much time to kill enemies unless you want to go search. The collection of objects and construction materials is valuable.


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