Pokemon GO May At The Olympic Closing Concert

Pokemon GO Rare Pokemon for gold could happen? Now, if an insider is correct, then it seems that Pokemon could get at the close of the Olympic facilities. The Telegraph reported that Pokemon GO could make an appearance today at the closing ceremony of the Summer Games in Rio. See the last event of the ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio in Japan, as the country will host the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.

Known for its impressive technology from Japan, said, "science and technology advanced cutting" in this closing ceremony. So, really, what could be better than Japan show with Pokemon? Well sure, the authorities have not yet commented on the phenomenon for Pokemon, but an insider Telegraph has a note saying "inevitable" Pokemon GO was.

Fans think the allusion to come in the form of Pokemon GO - probably due to the popularity of the game - but Pokemon may seem otherwise. Perhaps many people dressed as Pikachu Rios Maracana celebrate the inundation Nintendo franchise. Closing ceremony this afternoon also allow Japan thanks to all the countries that sent the help of several recent earthquakes.

Toshiro Muto, the CEO showed the 2020 Olympic ideal closing ceremony would the world how grateful Japan to show their support. Brazil, on the other hand, the event is the traditional fair use games offer bridal fashion. To date, over 41,000 tickets were sold for the event today, and the public on the air at 7 pm ET live. Many athletes from around the world will be the closing ceremony, and as usual to visit the official Olympic flag will be handed over to Japan to celebrate the upcoming matches. Yuriko Koike, Tokyo governor-elect will receive the flag.

As expected IR their quest for world domination and Pokemon games SAM wind. The Olympic Village was flooded by athletes who doubles as a Pokémon Master. The game was released in Brazil a few days before the Olympics began and PokeFever started quickly. Instead of working on their bodies, some athletes decided to form their tickets for the entire field of gymnastics.

However, a Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura left the party asked. The athlete was surprised that a $ 5,000 phone bill broken after the game Pokémon go abroad. The athlete was his mobile service provider to contact, no doubt desperate to explain the situation, to believe that a flat data rate for'd used abroad. Fortunately telephone company skimped and Uchimura canceled his outrageous statements.


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