Riot largest League of Legends World Service Complaint

Three German Hacker runs in secret behind a Peruvian company that Liga Sharp, the biggest legends of the world championship hacking and service offered and if it is not down is closed, it could mean the end of the game, after a trial that week by Riot Games ", among other things, allows users to abuse LoL see, for example, hidden information," automate "game mode in the game with better accuracy or inhuman behavior, and levels accumulate, experience and items at a pace that is not possible for", filed the lawsuit Monday the central district of California district court for the US...

The four defendants operate a service of international fraud Sharp League (or L #) that charges a monthly fee to provide a number of tricks available and automation robots called on the population to help win games and artificially level accounts, other players will be sold later, depending on demand. The trio - Matthias "Jodusmame" Oltmann, Großenkneten, Germany; Stefan "0hm" Stefan Delgato, Wiesbaden, Germany; and Tyrone Tom "Beaving" Pauer, Lunen, Germany - Misti based there Pichu Pichu LLP (also called Chachani known) to help a shell company in Peru, to cover their illegal activities, Riot wrote in the lawsuit.

The defendants have 21 days from the date of receipt to meet his burden in action. We attorney # L riot site and reached for further comment. We will update this story when they respond. "The # represents a major threat to LoL, cause serious and irreparable damage to the riot and the value of the gaming community damage," according to the lawsuit.

"It is absolutely essential, riot and future of LoL the game offers players a fair and friendly environment that rewards players skills and experience. For a player of LoL allows cheating in the game or automate their power bothers to # ( and threatens to destroy) Riot carefully designed game and want to ruin the game experience for players who take the game seriously and are playing. "

Begun in 2009, the League of Legends Boosting Service is $ 1,638 billion in 2015, according to data research super. More than 67 million people paid the last time the League of Legends month, the company has played on figures from market from January 2014. Riot wrote in the lawsuit to stop the presentation of a final effort, the group and its number of revolutionary series of services on Monday.


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