FIFA 16 Career Mode: Brazilian Wonderkid XI

Outside the world of Brazilian soccer FIFA had some difficult years for all accounts. A defeat that breaks my heart to Paraguay in the Copa America 2015 meant that Brazil could qualify for 20 years for the Confederations Cup for the first time, and a year before that, which suffered its worst defeat in the World Cup - in a home in the World Cup, no less - that Germany sele ?? or 7-1 on the Estádio do Mineir crushed?

It's time to forget all this. As young talents FIFA are Brazil, nor the kings of the world at We have assembled a team of first quality young Brazilians, but to make things a little harder for us things have imposed an old T-23 rule. That means no Neymar, without Coutinho, Douglas Costa ... there are no players on the team who are on the threshold of size with many of these players now plying his trade in some of the major European leagues, including the Premier League, League, Bundesliga and Serie a as the next generation of the wonder of Brazil? Come meet.

As we said before, you should look to Germany and Italy, if you are young after a quality goalkeeper, but Gabriel Napoli is a promising talent and a good investment if you are looking commissioned especially for a cheap copy security. Their distribution is not great, but the rest of his stats are solid, particularly the positions 79 and 77 diving notification. With some games, a couple of loans and some good workouts, Gabriel is increasingly full of 81, his aging potential of making the first team, or at least a very good backup.

Bayer Leverkusen Wendell is a prototypical Brazilian defender - a threat to two channels that will create many opportunities in attack and defense suffocates. Ignoring your debt antenna actually is a very good defender with 79 tackles standing against 80 interceptions and 78 slip, but his strength is in the transition game. 87 acceleration and 86 Sprint speed, is ideal for spending fifa coins and cut right on the forefoot, the buzz ahead in the room and stretching the opposition on the counter before slamming a ball with his stat 75 pass . train, and he is a total of 85, a score that hope probably underestimated how useful it is.


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