Blade and Soul New Ways To Make Money

Blade and Soul version update, times are changing, the various farm methods are changing, how to farm now? Here is a summary of several farm way.

1. The simplest farm - 40 daily tasks

Daily tasks, the ability to make their own money up to 40 daily tasks done, given the number of coins a lot, the only advantage is that you can arrange according to their own equipment, 40 daily tasks very well lobbied for poor equipment of the players, of course, good equipment, the players insist on doing 40 daily tasks either.

2. 4/6 P New three copies

Here that is the latest of three copies of: cemeteries, prisons and furnaces. Since 4/6 people from the rich booty worth less than daily tasks reward, and fast, very rhythmic, but the equipment requires a little high.

3. Reset schedule of copy

In the copy of the final BOSS dying when people from other teams, will allow a person to stay BOSS killed after the progress of the rest of the booty took all BOSS progress, then the composition of the team, into a copy of the play. If equipped, fully Reset 4 - 5 times faster than a lot of other ways to earn money. In particular, the latest copy of the Holy Land, as long as there once was vinyl Lin, you can earn hundreds of blade and soul gold.

3. Feather

For more feather party is a great number of the Gospel, as long as the equipment is almost hit dawn, feather Cuoshou available, do not need more than good equipment, so long as it is easy to play basic past a week brush number seven or eight months, that money It came surprisingly easy.

5. Log in two accounts

The computer configuration requirements are relatively high, while the two accounts to log, then do it with daily tasks, you can earn double reward, it is the basic way to make money.


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