World of Warcraft Game Director Takes Another Blizzard Project
Oct. 31, 2016
World of Warcraft Game Director Tom Chilton announced he was leaving the MMO team, after 12 years, he worked in different functions. In a post on the forum Chilton said, leaving WoW, or working with Blizzard in a project unspecified today. The current game lead designer Ion Hazzikostas transported to the old Chilton function.

"My personal journey working in WoW game director is an end, but my trip with Blizzard is not," Chilton wrote. "I'll always be there, but I will focus on another project within the business." Be WoW with Ion will be at the helm. "He is an integral part of the team that eight years has contributed to many aspects of game development - the design of the class to design and almost everything else like World of Warcraft gold line.

It also has an incredible team with him - even the epic team that brings you all the content you love your legion. "Chilton spent much time in the field: Before joining the blizzard in 2004, he worked on Ultima Online EA, it is unclear whether Chilton moved to a draft new or existing Blizzard, though WoW a good time sheets, with the extension of the Legion in August among the most acclaimed.

"For me, the Legion is more than an extension ... It is the culmination of over a decade of working with one of the best development teams that have had the pleasure to be part of." Our critic Steven Messner Legion also I loved her. "If Blizzard can also provide, Legion sets the stage for could be the best chapter of World of Warcraft," he wrote.