ArcheAge: Snails Race On Halloween!
Oct. 27, 2016
ArcheAge, colorful sandbox Trion Worlds, also celebrating the year of Halloween. However, the party is in the game "Autumn Festival", but pumpkins and scary costumes there anyway. Moreover, we must treat a snail race.

In cities, two crowns "and" Cape Solis "found in ArcheAge 21 October to 9 November the so-called Fall Festival instead. During this time his famous ArcheAge Halloween version and there are all kinds of ArcheAge gold. Animals that experience and spray price creep During the festivities, in addition, there is peace and not allowed PvP - with the exception of the wars of domination required.

As the disc rotates, we can live racing competition and commemorate the dead. There are characters fall back and we can trade with a dealer for special prices, for example, stuffed toys or spooky Halloween lanterns.

Moreover, in these two cities it takes place every day at 5, 16, 20 and 24 hours in, a special event in which we have a battery as soon as possible pumpkin with candy. demons may also appear should avoid. For details Autumn Festival is the official ArcheAge at the source.