A copy of the new Blade and Soul new plot

"The blade and soul" recently launched "successor Jianyuan war "the new version special page, a large number of bns gold and new version content immediately. In the new version, in addition to the ganoderma lucidum watches professional airbender 9, there are more new content, including the new increasing set of fashion, open arms god tower 16-20 floors, main story continues to advance, jianyuan city was new maps, to...A big wave exciting content is accelerating.

Hong family occupational airbender is coming!"The blade and soul" the new version online will launch's long-awaited new career airbender, at the same time inherited the hong door imperial gas and boxing lore, airbender also inherited the clouds countries GuWu JueXue and mysterious mission. Gas double refined gas, can be in the gas technique and bns gold the fist, free switch between both can close hand-to-hand combat, and violent output over a long distance.

As the successor of bns gold origin deeply, and cloud countries airbender coming at the same time also brought a new clue: cloud over there, have the news of the evening yan!Hong door the disciple to leave immediately, started a new journey, a new story, begins - new plot, a copy of the new, new world, "the blade and soul" a new chapter is about to open in January!Jianyuan city the new version will be open in a new map, this new map is located in the desert the left position, including the mandate of heaven palace, choi wan port, the black dragon teaching main hall, forgotten area, such as forests and coral coast is the black dragon based on trace of insurrection everywhere, and some ancient ruins brand-new appearance, more fresh experience, stronger copy war soon.

South day holy land will be used as the game suits has difficulty highest six copies of bns gold official meet with the players, this is south the ancient ruins of the kingdom, scientists make informed decisions in one experiment aroused south heaven shrine accidentally sleeping multiplier, a total of three BOSS, mainly belong to the south the kingdom of heaven. "The blade and soul" new version after launch airbender career, exclusive airbender will launch a new dress, can receive earlier in the warm-up.

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