Profession of the Elder Scrolls Online

The background of the Elder Scrolls Online story happened in tamar adah land war, the war occurred in the Elder Scrolls 5: the horizon of 1000 years ago.But the players need The Elder Scrolls Online Gold in the game. The future players will be able to choose to join the three factions, each camp is made up of three RACES. The heart of the ebony convention camp by the noble people, the dark elves, and one of three big race. Ancestral shenzhou/restoration elves kingship camp by the high elves, wood elves, tiger one of three big race. Dagger rain convention camp by the bretton three RACES, red guard and orcs.

There is a problem of the Elder Scrolls Online we often see, "Why not make no profession?" Ultimately, we open the path of many other vocational skills, but still retains the independent route - choice is still important, but all have the freedom to choose from a huge pool of skills. Doing so can help us on the one hand to provide a variety of options in the Elder Scrolls Online, but also can promote diversity, and allows us to emphasize the strategic multiplayer games - members of different professions through their unique skills to the route, and create opportunities for cooperation with allies adjust their unique skills to give the team bring depth and diversity of play.

Your career choice will be a very important decision in the Elder Scrolls Online, but will not tie you die in one play mode. Every profession of the Elder Scrolls Online has its own skills of three routes, each route has a very appropriate vocational skills are not the same skills topics. The combination of these three routes vocational skills, together with other very, very much skill route available to your character, will make each member of a particular profession greatly different from one another. If you do not want to, you can not even own vocational skills route takes a little skill points. Nonetheless, if there is a Templar knight focus in on your skills, you can tell immediately it.

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