The review of SWTOR Credits: the force release 2

SWTOR Credits: the force release "is listed a game two years ago, when sales game very well, become the fastest selling game in LucasArts history.This popular book, of course, will develop a sequel, so the "SWTOR Credits: the force release 2" met with all of you.

1. Picture: 8.5. Did a very realistic game images of light and shadow, but the game CG, real-time animation is not a lot.Game scene more grand scale, both the gray base, and there was a beautiful palace.Small make up like the light or the sword to kill the monster when gorgeous effect.

2. Music and sound effects: 7.0. The music of the game as a whole is still good, but the laser sword attack buzzing sound listen to make people uncomfortable, if only can improve the question.

3. Operational: 8.0. Press the left mouse button in the game use the laser sword attack, right-click can control objects. R keys into a rage. Press the E key can push people, can push people, is a good means of attack. The Q key and SWTOR Credits discharge. Discharge can trap enemy, can also attack.The game a lot of places need to use some key combination, LianZhao, attack means more rich.In combating sense above previous game has a lot of ascension.

4. Play resistance: 7.0. Plot model of a total of nine games, in addition to the plot patterns, there are 10 challenge mode. Plot aspect is drab, feeling is to kill all the way over.Challenge mode is has the certain difficulty, is indeed the ultimate challenge.

Conclusion: SWTOR Credits: the force release 2 "light and shadow of realistic, the scene is magnificent, image level is very high. But the overall quality is not high, the sense that gives a person is feeling is too strong, the gameplay is poorer, short process, to explore mining things too little. Lack of multiplayer is also one of its weakness, although the overall than its breakthrough, but with the player heart desired gap is quite big.

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