NBA 2K16 against playing skills strategy

The NBA 2K16 online play and fight against computer skills vary, the following is to bring us NBA 2K16 MT Coins online play football experience, hope to help fellow players, also wish you player's technology is getting better and better.

Say help, we all know that the one-to-one blockade across the superstar is a very difficult thing, especially in the lack of NBA 2K16 MT Coins and elite defenders or your team defender has been lost. Need help at this moment, usually break their will automatically fill the inside of block probability is not low, this is very good, but if the opposite is harden or Anthony such a breakthrough, and you will be tired, because you know the nine times out of ten is been made rules, early foul trouble is the beginning of the crisis, you'll need to set a more suitable defensive tactics, such as double, in suspended defensive setting can be set the most defensive tactics.

Talk about offensive, really have plenty to talk about offensive, plenty of attacking method can effectively tear across the defense and with NBA 2K16 MT Coins making it harder to anticipation. And will let the other side is very good for monotonous offensive. My big offensive means To can be divided into: singles breakthrough, singles or roll the ball, turn around and singles, strong inside. Which have branches, such as after the pick-and-roll 3-pointers, singles breakthrough after the sound stroke or Europe step, back behind or hook, depending on the situation The case.

And roll is the generation of NBA 2K16 MT Coins considerable attack means, higher success rate is also very easy to use means of attack, and roll end after a successful attack means a lot is also very easy to success, is often caught passing dunk, roll pass dead (generation of empty pick up quite well by) and roll not jacked open 3-pointer directly, not jacked layup or dunk. Pick-and-roll to wait, otherwise easy to move and roll foul. A pick-and-roll defense attack method is by early fall a defensive consciousness, not leak, 2 it is to have a badge and roll dodger players, such as clay Thompson, can quickly get rid of NBA 2K16 MT Coins the roll and roll failure, my advice is to defense, computer control and leakage are like package and holding the ball down the staff.

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