The Q edition of the Dragomon Hunter character is introduced

2015 public recent German game company Aeria Games, "Dragomon Hunter" occupational exposure characteristics and attributes, exposure visuals of Dragomon Hunter Gold the game, including the pure and fresh and beautiful picture, cute and lovely, interesting characters ornate aesthetic skills, special effects and so on. The Dragomon Hunter from exposure at present the new works, including some Dragomon Hunter Gold of the visuals of the game, some professional role image, high-definition picture, Q version interesting cute cute characters, make all sorts of interesting unique characters.

Professional: 1, the reconnaissance is very fast, the game can give players a lot of Dragomon Hunter Gold damage in movement speed skills ability to release;2, mercenaries occupation: the game has use melee weapons, can use tomahawk weapons, use sword weapons, use blow to smite damage of Dragomon Hunter Gold weapons to the enemy;3, the magician career: including can use the magic wand and release the spell attacks, to give the players ranged attack spell damage ability;4, ministry: the game team needs treatment, ability to help players under powerful monsters, the priest also have very strong damage attack ability.

The Dragomon Hunter in the game world, you can retrieve the monster when mounts, owns more than one hundred monster game as mounts, players can knock down monsters to recover and so on."Dragomon Hunter" game exposed some unique new data, including the four major professional, etc., including more than one hundred kinds of Dragomon Hunter Gold and monster hd picture, the Q interesting role, the magnificent skills to release and so on "Dragomon Hunter" in 2015 by the German game company Aeria Games to make a new a MMORPG, launched four career, including reconnaissance professional, mercenaries, magic career, ministry, unique Q edition game characters.

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