The NBA 2K16 play skill experience to share

"NBA 2K16" has been issued for a period of time, as a basketball game, defensive attack is more important, here to share my defensive offensive game experience brings players, and see it together.

Defense:Best perimeter defenders don't easy to steal, don't sell NBA 2K16 MT Coins, because steals probability is too small, and easy to lost, but two things can be trying: one is the other party and ball for defenders, 2 it is computer post player in the face of attack. Beyond the main line, the perimeter prevention 2 generation affects obviously physical contact, the computer often pass the ball before you under 2. Use the NBA 2K16 MT Coins paint of defending, or prevent fast break even lost also don't give up, this generation of fly too cattle.

Attack:Outside shot, don't easily unless you completely run out of space, sometimes attribute value isn't everything. And roll roll or a pick-and-roll, generation and roll more cattle, not reorganize and roll at a time. Unless you have NBA 2K16 MT Coins and a full grasp, don't long, computer long steals prevention consciousness is very strong. The ball don't pile into the crowd, just rub a rub ball fell (the generation of a big BUG). Unless in the back, to get the ball inside or don't you get the rebound dribbling, or direct attack, or passing, or the ball away quickly.

State of mind:Just a game, don't be too care about temporary winning or losing. Unless there is a fast break opportunities, otherwise the game slow down and pick-and-roll play more, don't be anxious about unreasonable mistake depressed, defense in place into the computer that's bull, it is reasonable to not into that is computer won't let you in. Make good use of NBA 2K16 MT Coins suspension, to avoid a computer wave flow, personnel arrangement and registration can be a good searching.

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