The blade and soul revised all swordsmen

Revised version change of blade and soul, skills, though, a copy of the bns gold, but without the operation, are now playing with, so that new players may not understand, in terms of the lux interrupt, lux interrupted to see all the BOSS before action, and now look at all is the blood of the BOSS in front of the space.

Now, although version can also!Of equipment for a long time, however, the team cooperation has already put players about their methods are no longer so important, a good technique can play almost equally equipped with more than 20% of the damage, the following said is loss of swordsmen in the redesign of extreme operating methods.

1.The counter

Counter, the prevalent in 36 version, in 45 version as the symbol of the bns gold great god, in the 50 version out of history. Counter, it is in the block before 0.5 S resist the BOSS attack, then you can use the hot wheels. And now the mods, already let the counter no, as long as, blocking the hot wheels can be used.

Extended combos: counter, hot wheels, bns gold. Revised recommendation: add counter to secret inside, a super BUFF to counter the successful people, after all, the block is simple, but hard to counter. Swordsmen declaration: I want to let the laughter of the swordsmen again sounded in the battle.


Swords, the only output under the fencing stance, was once popular major version, until killing sword card cutter quit the historical stage, has now been reduced to maintain hatred of skills. The swords play zheng, killed the LAN LAN, rolling over the sea big ye, especially in the case of the entire swords crazy kill god, fencing stance has no output mode, only a block and use, to bring new vitality, swords, please let also become swordsmen real fencing stance.

Extended combos: block swords, broken heart foot swords, flat A stab sword. Revised recommendation: fencing stance to a output, for players to have a lot of bns gold. Declaration of swordsmen: you take away my royal sword posture also calculate, also let my fencing stance now a chicken ribs.

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