Aion Kinah were the epitome of freedom

There was a time, not too long ago in fact, when you couldn’t move Aion Kinah for beards, kobolds, raids, and Leeroy Jenkins. From the Aion beginnings of Ultima Online and EverQuest, the Aion Kinah exploded. There were dozens launching during any particular year, all demanding cold, hard cash from your wallet at the start of each and every month.

Every one of us has an Aion Kinah or two we have extremely fond memories of, and it’s usually our first. Staying up into the wee hours, bleary eyed and high on near-lethal doses of caffeine, relying on store cupboard remnants for sustenance. There’s something magical about your first Aion Kinah, and it’s a feeling a lot of us have spent years chasing since, to no avail.

Where once Aion Kinah were the epitome of freedom, adventure, and limitless possibilities, they are now restriction, the grind, and repetitive raids. For a genre so forward thinking, it has for too long remained firmly rooted in the past. A few have tried to shake things up; The Secret World and Planetside, to name but two, but the majority remain the same.

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