Over 43 million Lineage 2's gamers have played games

Play the exciting medieval fantasy Lineage 2 , the prequel to the popular MMO Lineage. Buy LineageII Adena to blast through levels and get maximum mileage out of your abilities.

Over 43 million Lineage 2's gamers have played games from the Lineage franchise. Released in October 2003 in Korea and six months later in North America, Lineage 2 launched a free-to-play model called Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction in November 2011.

Three kingdoms fight for dominion of the world in Lineage 2. Conflict, drama, strife and excitement await intrepid adventurers who join the game.

Similar to other MMOs, gameplay begins with character creation. There are six races to choose from: Human ,dominant but with no magical ability. Elf ,wise and noble. Dark Elf ,expert in the dark arts. Orc ,strong and powerful. Dwarf ,creative and business-minded and Kamael ,dark and mysterious.

Linage 2 boasts a total of 36 classes, with the following general types: Knight, Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Wizard, Enchanter, Summoner, and Healer.

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